Friday, November 11, 2011

'How Marijuana Cures Cancer' by Joan Bello

How Marijuana Cures Cancer by Joan Bello examines the root cause of the dreaded disease as dysfunction in the main balancing system of the organism which derives from habitual restriction in the breathing process. Specific problems in respiration are unique to each person, life-long yet hardly realized as of prime significance to health, mostly invisible and nearly impossible to alter by will or pill. Nevertheless, the immediate Marijuana Effect is full, deep, regular and effortless breathing from which cascades dissolution of all signs of the Cancer Biopathy.

How Marijuana Cures Cancer is divided into Four Sections that can be read independently.

Part I is a general, holistic, scientific yet simple explanation of exactly what Cancer is and how the benefits of Marijuana Therapy return the organism to health.

Section II translates the science of The Cannabinoid System of the Human body for the lay audience and documents its amazing kinship with marijuana molecules.

Section III is a compilation of scientific studies that proves the compounds from marijuana or their synthetic copies, without a doubt, stop the progression of cancer at various observable cellular stages, all of which are documented.

Section IV examines the Pharmaceutical Industry goal of Research and Development to replicate the healing benefits from marijuana compounds (over 400) in an artificially developed one directional drug for profit and explains why the effort has failed despite billions of dollars in research.

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