Wednesday, September 25, 2013

El Dorado County

Dave Bishop

It was a diverse group of people at the BOS in El Dorado county yesterday...there were people calling for complete bans because they had a personal demon or experience that, in their minds, demonstrated a need to ban cannabis at all levels...there was even a guy who insisted that there were dozens of pills that works just fine. And then he said, how his heart went out to those people that REALLY needed it, but then, it was back to, I don't believe it should be allowed. We had the drug free divide speak about the kids, but nobody suggested that someone, anyone, should teach their kids better, than to steal..

There were many people that spoke of the benefits of cannabis use and how these ordinances would surely cause them harm and suffering, then, at the end of the day, the supervisors passed two ordinances. The first allows the existing dispensaries to remain open, and the second effectively forces people that HAD been collectively cultivating, into those dispensaries. People will be allowed a 200 sq. ft. garden on properties of an acre to five acres, 400 for ten acres, and six hundred for twenty acres or more. BUT only THREE people may utilize any one parcel. This is a silly ass provision, as many people COULD collectively cultivate, within those guidelines.

Most of us went away feeling as though the board of supervisors, especially Mikulako, couldn't care less. It is frustrating to see the pain in the eyes of those this affects, and not want to scream out some sort of obscenity... This issue will be revisited in six months. Personally, I hope that when the smoke clears(no pun intended),that this outdoor grow ordinance doesn't create any issues for anybody...but I suspect, that El dorado county may have a number of actions taken against them, and whether or not those actions are successful , it will be an ugly time for our county, and a costly time. AND, since some things bare repeating, keep in mind, it is NOT my job to teach YOUR children what is right and what is wrong.

When those folks start parading the kids around saying they need to be kept safe from this plant, be reminded...honesty starts at is not honesty to steal. If more people took their parental responsibility to heart...well you know.

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